Height: 107 cm Width: 138,6 cm Depth: 63cm Weight: 105 kg

Authentic Acoustic Behavior® rendering acoustic-type behavior in the digital domain. Blüthner 150 Watt digital amp, 2 x 6" Bass Speakers. Recorder: Unlimited Songs saved to USB, 100 songs to internal memory.
Blüthner APS - Acoustic Piano Simulation ® Technology Blüthner Grand Touch Wooden Action ® - 4 Zones Graded Hammers - new wooden keyboard with Ivory Feel New Blüthner I Control - ICS Intelligent Control System
256 Polyphony Transpose: 24 Semitones up and down 25 New Blüthner Sounds and 127 GM Sounds for Midifiles
Tuning: Fine-Tune by 0.5 Hz steps Blüthner Aliquot String Resonance Modeling ® USB Host - Play MP3 and MIDI IN/ OUT/ THRU ( GM- Files) from USB Stick.
Touch Weight Adjustment: customizable keyboard resistance Damper Resonance Modeling utilizing Blüthner APS ® Technology Metronome: Tempo-range 20 to 250 BPM